Play with Parimatch, get points and exchange them for money. Now every bet brings you not only winning but joy and extra profits.

We are glad to perform our loyalty program Pari +.

Every bet on any amount counts. No deadlines for converting points money. Bet, win and exchange at any time you like.

What is Pari +?

Pari + is a loyalty program for our VIP-clients. For every bet, you place you receive points, that can be exchanged for money later.

Great. I want to participate!

  1. Go to account settings, select the tab Bonuses, then go to Pari + and click Turn on.
  2. The system automatically calculates bonuses for your account.
  3. Bonus points update hourly.

You need to know:

  1. No stake limits;
  2. Live bets count;
  3. Bets with odd ‘1’  and those ‘returned’ are not included in loyalty program Pari +. Bets types Express and System counts as one.

Parimatch constantly develops the product, and take care of customers. Follow our updates and have lucky bets!

Click to read the Terms and Conditions of the loyalty program Pari + :

  1. This unique offer available from February 14, 2015, only for VIP-clients of Parimatch.
  2. To join program Pari +   you need:
    (a).Go to settings  of your personal account at;
    (b).Select tab «bonuses and promotions»;
    (c). Go to section Pari +;
    (d). Click «Turn on» and start betting.
  3. Registration is only available on website
  4. Bonus points will be added only after bets settled.
  5. The number of bonus points depends on the odds and the number of events in the bet and calculated with the equation: bet amount multiplied by the number of outcomes and divided by 3 (three) and multiplied by the coefficient of gaming account status (VIP-Silver 1,25 / VIP-Gold 1.5 / VIP-Platinum 2).
  6. No min/max limits.
  7. Loyalty program Pari + counts all the betting type Ordinar,  Express,  System and includes LIVE bets.
  8. Bets calculated with odds of 1 (one) are not counted in the loyalty program Pari +.
  9. The maximum number of intended outcomes in the Express or System when calculating bonus points equal to 5 (five)(Express, System composed with more than 5 events will still be calculated with a value of 5 (five)).
  10. Current information about points and exchanging them is available in the player’s personal account in the tab Bonuses and Promotions.
  11. Point`s exchange uses the formula: the number of bonus points divided by 200 (two hundred)is and will be the amount of real money credited to the account of the customer.
  12. Participants of the loyalty program Pari + can use bonus money as they supposeв to including payout from their personal accounts.
  13. Loyalty program Pari + operates is activated on a permanent basis.
  14. The company reserves the right to exclude a customer from participation in the loyalty program Pari + without explanation. It happens in the case,  of suspect that account is violating the fairness of the game and in use of strategies that in company`s view is abusive.
  15. The company reserves the right at any time and without notice change these terms and conditions, ban any client, change the terms and conditions of special offers or cancel entirely. Any changes and additions to the rules and conditions of the loyalty program Pari + will be published on this page, and each participant is obliged to check periodically this offers page for changes and/or additions.