Proposal for members of elite club VIP-Pari

Refund the amount of your bet up to 100%, if 1 event (result) is not converged in Parlay.

Refund of your Parlay will be done, if:

  1. Only 1 event (result) in Parlay is not converged, and all others are calculated both winning.
  2. Odds of each event in Parlay is not lower thanodds in the table.
  3. Refund up to100% of bet according to the table.
  4. The charge of the refund amount will be made within 24 hours after request at the following address:
  5. You can obtain further advice from a personal manager.
 Number of events in Parlay Odds >1,3   % of bet refund
10  outcomes 1,3 100%
outcomes 1,35 100%
outcomes 1,4 75%
outcomes 1,45 75%
outcomes 1,5 50%
outcomes 1,55 50%      

This personal proposal is available only for customers who have received this message by e-mail or by notification in private account from Parimatch. Offer is available on an ongoing basis with 02/15/2018.

To get the Parlay Refund, you must:

  • Make LIVE and PRE-MATCH bets, collected in Parlay.
  • In proposal involved Parlays with the number of events is not less than 5, each of which has odds not lower than odds in the table.
  • Parlay Refund is active, if lost only one event (result), and all others are calculated both winning.
  • Only Parlays involved in the proposal.
  • Outcomes in Parlay, which are calculated with a odds 1 (return), do not count.
  • To refund you need to write an appeal to the address:   with the theme Parlay Refund, indicating game account number and bet number.
  • The charge will be made within 24 hours after request (letter).
  • Maximum bonus amount is: 13 500 UAН/ 450 EUR/ 8500 MDL/ 500 USD/ 850 AZN.
  • Minimum bonus amount is: 27 UAН / 0,9 EUR/ 17 MDL/ 1 USD/ 1,7 AZN.
  • The Company reserves the right to change terms and conditions, to cancel the participation of any customer, to change the conditions of the special proposal or cancel completely at any time without prior notice. Any changes or additions of rules and conditions of the special proposal VIP Parlay Refund Up To 100% will be published on this page, so each participant of proposal undertakes to check periodically this page for available changes and/or additions.